Zahter Salad: How Is The Recipe Made?

We do not use fresh zahterin stalks but thin leaves and the sprout section on the top. Thus, it is not hard and tastes softer. Those who want to use in the winter green form can take it into a jar after removing the stalks, putting it on the olive oil to cover it completely. This olive oil has a very pleasant aroma as it takes the zahterin flavor. You can also add fresh onion, parsley and fresh mint to your Zahter salad.

List Of The Ingredients

Half bunch of fresh zahter

1 piece of medium size tomato

3 pieces onion

5 pieces green olives

Pomegranate syrup

Olive oil and salt

Zahter Salad

How To Prepare Zahter Salad?

Remove and wash the leaves of Zahter. Wait for a while to drain. Sprinkle a little salt on it and rub it gently (some rub it less because they like its intense taste)

Soak for 5 minutes and wash and filter. Damp it onto towel paper to dehumidify it. Remove the green olives and slices. Chop the tomato into cubes. Mix the Zahter, tomatoes, green olives, olive oil, salt, pomegranate syrup, and the bulbs in a large bowl. Serve your salad on a serving plate.

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