Which Ingredients Could You Combine For A Couscous Salad?

Couscous Salad

Couscous salad goes wonderfully well with fresh herbs such as parsley or mint, crunchy vegetables such as aromatic tomatoes or cucumbers, juicy fruits and seafood. And with nuts, seeds and dried fruit, you spice up every bowl skillfully. In addition, a couscous salad can be prepared very quickly by simply preparing it.

Things You Need

150g chicken breast fillet


1 cup of couscous

1 handful of spinach leaves (fresh)

1 handful of rocket

1/4 cucumber

1/2 pepper (red)

2 tablespoons peas

2 tablespoon almond sticks

1 lemon

1 bunch of mint


Olive oil


Pepper (black)

Vegetable soup

1 teaspoon honey

For the oriental couscous salad, wash the chicken fillet, pat dry and cut into strips. Heat the oil in a pan, season the chicken strips and set saute briefly from all sides. Wash spinach and arugula and spin dry. Wash mint, pat dry and cut them into small pieces. Cover the couscous with hot vegetable soup and let it swell. Cut the peppers into small cubes and cut the cucumber into bite-sized pieces. Drain the peas. Squeeze out the lemon and make a marinade out of the juice with vinegar, oil, mint, honey and salt and pepper. Roast almond sticks in a nonstick coated pan without adding fat. Put all the ingredients in a bowl and mix with the marinade. Arrange the oriental couscous salad decoratively on a plate and serve.

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Which Ingredients Could You Combine For A Couscous Salad?
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