Vinegret Salad That Is Healthy And Easy To Prepare

The difficulty level of this salad is moderate, but it is still for may of us easy to prepare. A great salad variety for beet lovers. You can prepare it yourself at home easily.

The recipe of the salad, in which vinegar and mustard had been used, changed in time and has become more traditional in the manner described here. There is an important trick, which is to consume the salad without waiting even a day.

List Of The Recipe

1 boiled red beet

1 small size boiled carrot

1 boiled potato

1 small dry onion

5 pickled cucumbers

Parsley (as desired)

Dill (as desired)

1,5 tablespoons of olive oil


Vinegret Salad

Preparation Of Vinegret Salad

Wash the beet well and boil it. After the beet is boiled, let it cool in the boiled water. After cooling, peel the shell and chop the cubes.

Wash the carrots and potatoes thoroughly and peel the shell in another pot to boil. Peel the cubes and chop the cubes after boiling. Peel the onion’s skin and chop it finely. Wash the parsley and dill thoroughly and leave in vinegar for 10 minutes, then dry and finely chop. Assemble all ingredients in a glass container. Add the olive oil and salt as many as you like and mix well again.

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