This Chickpea Salad Is Just The Right Vitamin Bomb For You

A really quick salad with few ingredients, which nevertheless satisfies well. You can therefore serve it as a main course. It tastes even better on the second day, making it ideal as a lunch at the office that you can prepare the night before.

Recipe (List)

220- 250 g chickpeas

5-6 cheery tomatoes

1 onion, red

250 g avocado

Agave syrup

5 parsley (chopped)

1 lemon

Olive oil

½ tsp salt and pepper

Chickpea Salad

Steps To Prepare Chickpea Salad

Strain the chickpeas first, rinse well and place them in a bowl. Then peel the onion, halve and slice. Halve the avocado, remove the kernel and remove it from the shell. Cut the avocado halves into small pieces and add them together with the onions to the chickpeas. Also halve the tomatoes and add to the bowl.

So that the salad stays crisp and does not lose its vitamins, the salad should be prepared shortly before the meal. In any case, we recommend using organic ingredients – preferably freshly harvested from your own garden or from the local market.

Now prepare the dressing. squeeze the lemon completely and put in a small bowl or glass. Add the oil, salt and pepper, mix well and season with agave syrup. Pour the dressing into the bowl with the chickpeas and finally add the parsley. Mix everything well, fill in bowls and enjoy.

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