The Tomato Salad With Chorizo Is Impressive

If you don’t want a classic chorizo tomato salad, prepare this recipe which you have never tried. We combine the tomato salad with chorizo, which is originally from Spain. The chorizo and tomato salad can be prepared quickly.

This recipe takes us into the wilderness of Spain and conjures up with all sorts of ingredients for a perfect tomato salad with chorizo. With moderate use of olive oil, the salad is just good.

Ingredients For About 3 People:

2 cloves of garlic

1 chorizo

5 big tomatoes

Salt and pepper

2 onions

1/2 bunch of parsley

3 tablespoons sherry vinegar

3 tablespoons olive oil

Chorizo Tomato Salad

Steps To Prepare Chorizo Tomato Salad

Slice the onions. Mix well and sprinkle with olive oil and  sherry vinegar. Peel garlic and cut into slices. Slice the chorizo ​​as well. Then fry the chorizo ​​slices in a pan with a little olive oil from both sides for 3 minutes, add the garlic cloves and fry for 3 minutes. Deglaze with a dash of sherry vinegar and mix with the salad ingredients. Finely chop the parsley and sprinkle over the tomato salad with chorizo.


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