Noodles With Hummus Sauce Is A Perfect Oriental Combination

Many of us are a big fan of noodles, especially because most pasta dishes are super fast. Just like this delicious hummus pasta with spinach and mushrooms.

With only a few ingredients and only one pot you can prepare this super delicious pasta dish. In addition to hummus sauce, we used  mushrooms , spinach and olive oil for this recipe.

Ingredients You Need For The Noodle

120 grams of hummus

5-7 big mushrooms

100 g of spinach

olive oil

150 ml of water

1 onion

250 g kind of pasta


Hummus Noodles Preparation

Peel the onion, cut in half and cut into strips. Carefully brush the mushrooms, remove the end from the stalk and cut it to the desired size.

Wash the spinach. Glaze the onions into a pan in a little oil, then add the mushrooms. Move everything nicely in the pan until most of the water has left the mushrooms. Cook pasta in salted water.

Put the hummus in the pan with the water and let it boil up shortly. Always stir well. Temperature almost completely down. Now you can taste with salt and pepper. Now lift the spinach under the hummus sauce.

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