Green Salad With Red Fruits

This salad features refreshing watermelon and seasonal red fruits. In contrast to most cheeses, feta has less fat and is rich in calcium. It gives the salad a fresh kick and completes it perfectly to the sweetness of the fruit. As leaf lettuce are particularly good with strawberry and balsamic vinegar as well as spinach, Swiss chard, and watercress. These leaves have a particularly spicy taste.

For The Salad You Need:

250 g rocket and spinach


350 g red fruit mix

150 g of feta

Spinach Fruit Salad Recipe

Wash the salad thoroughly. If you do not like the packaged salads, you will also find a large selection of green salads in the vegetable section of the supermarket. If you like it spicier, you are welcome to let off steam with fresh herbs.

Green Salad

Also, clean the red fruits and remove the stalk if necessary. Halve the strawberries. Cut the watermelon into nice pieces. Simply crumble the feta by hand or cut it with a knife.

Arrange the lettuce in a bowl or on a plate. Spread the fruits on the salad and crumble the feta on top.

For the dressing, you must now to simply mix the oil with the balsamic vinegar and some cane sugar and season with salt and pepper. Cane sugar does not dissolve well in cold liquids, which is why liquid cane sugar can be used here.

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Green Salad With Red Fruits
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