Fajita Salad Recipe With Simple Step By Step Instructions

A Mexican salad recipe with chicken and fajita dressing as a marinade! Made fast and delicious!

You Need This For The Recipe

2 chicken breast fillets

1 red onion

1 large Romana salad

Cherry tomatoes

1 avocado

1 large lemon


Chili salt

Olive oil

Salt and pepper

Fajita Salad

Step 1

Clean the chicken breast and drizzle with lemon. On a flat plate, mix the paprika, chili salt and toss the chicken breasts in it.

Cut the peppers into thin strips and cut the onions into thin rings.

In a bowl, combine the paprika, and chili salt, add the paprika and onion and mix well.

Step 2

Heat some olive oil in a pan, fry the chicken breast on one side of the pan, on the other the paprika and onion mixture. Approximately roast for 5-10 minutes, turning constantly. Wash and cut the salad, wash the tomatoes and cut it into halves, halve the avocado, remove seeds and cut into strips. Remove the chicken breast from the pan and cut into strips.

Step 3

Mix half a lemon, olive oil, a little brown sugar, chili salt and pepper as a salad dressing in a small bowl.

Step 4

Mix the salad with the tomatoes, arrange the avocado, the chicken strips and the peppers on top, add the sauce over the salad and mix.

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Fajita Salad Recipe With Simple Step By Step Instructions
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