Discover This Breakfast Salad Recipe To Start Your Day

The key to a good breakfast salad is that the toppings are hearty and complement the otherwise rather boring salad leaves well. This also applies to croutons. It is worthwhile to fry these in a pan fresh with oil and a garlic clove.

Anything that is green and looks like lettuce can be tasted or just choose your favorite salad. You can also prepare the salad in the glass in the evening and enjoy it in the morning.

Ingredients For A Breakfast Salad

Avocado and tomatoes (sometimes roasted in a pan)

Roasted nuts



Cooked broccoli florets


breakfast salad

A Delicious Top Is Part Of It

You can, for example, pan the salad in the fat (naturally cooled) that the crispy bacon left in the pan. That’s very delicious. Or you mix a simple vinaigrette and enrich it with a little lemon. Lemon for breakfast is always great. Even a fruity dressing with mango or orange can work well.

The Egg

And then, of course, the egg. A good breakfast also includes an egg. The best option (even the one that looks best) is a poached egg. But if you cannot do it, you can, of course, roast a fried egg. Or take a boiled egg. Incidentally, this can be boiled, because boiled eggs stay in the fridge for a few days.

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Discover This Breakfast Salad Recipe To Start Your Day
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