Carrot Salad Recipe With Crispy Enjoyment

The classic raw salad is bursting with vitamins and goes well with many occasions. In addition, the crunchy snack of carrot salad is quickly prepared and long-lasting. So the tasty side dish can be prepared comfortably and early.

Carrot Salad - Carrot Salad Recipe With Crispy Enjoyment

Ingredients For Three Persons:

500 g of fresh carrots

1 coated salt

Ground black pepper

2 tablespoons of lemon juice

3 tablespoons wine vinegar

3 tablespoons light balsamic vinegar

3 tablespoons oil

Preparing The Carrot Salad

Peel the carrots and then finely grate. Then mix the oil under the grated carrots. Mix the salt, the sugar, the ground pepper and the lemon juice with the vinegar in a bowl. Now add the marinade to the carrot salad and mix everything thoroughly. Now the finished salad should take about 30 minutes to make it nice and juicy.

The recipe for carrot salad is a basic recipe. This salad is easily and quickly produced and enriches every buffet, every binge and every celebration. As expected, the salad consists mainly of raw carrots.

Add A Freshness

As a vegetable lover you should definitely try the exotic salad. With juicy-sweet pineapple, apples and freshly pressed lime juice, the finely grated carrots get a wonderfully fruity note, which conjures up summery freshness on your dining table. The delicious sauce of honey, pineapple juice, chilli and cilantro give the ingredients an unusually fine and aromatic taste that goes well with fish or stews.

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