A Salad Recipe That Should Be Included On Your Table

It is also possible to prepare beans with olive oil, as well as with salad. You can prepare a very tasty salad with kidney beans added in the salad. In addition, the diet of women with this salad is one of the healthiest salads. It has nutritive properties because it contains mineral and vitamins.

Especially if you want to have a very practical kidney bean salad on your best days with friends, dinner. If you want to be fed in a healthier way, you should definitely add this recipe to your list. This salad can be prepared in any season.

Ingredients You Need

1 bowl of boiled kidney beans

5 spoons of corn

1 bunch of parsley

A little fresh mint on request

1 piece of red pepper

1 small onion

10 pieces small gherkin pickles

10 pieces cherry tomatoes


Optional pomegranate syrup


kidney bean salad

Exquisite Kidney Bean Salad Recipe

First of all, we pour the ingredients, pre-boiled, into our large salad plate. Then we chop the parsley and mint so that it is not too thin. We’re chopping onions a little bit. If you love it, you can let them bigger. Then we cut our paprika in the form of small cubes. After adding tomatoes and pickles, we add olive oil, lemon, pomegranate and salt and mix it well.

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