A Refreshing Radish Salad Recipe With Cucumbers

This Japanese inspired radish cucumber salad gives a freshness and is a perfect appetizer! It is very spicy and slightly spicy due to the radishes. Now that the weather gets so warm, we can often prepare it as a side dish or appetizer.

Salad Ingredients As A Starter

One and a half cucumber

Sesame oil

10 radishes

2 -3 tablespoons soy sauce

Rice vinegar

Fresh coriander


Sour cream

Radish Salad

Cucumber Radish Salad Recipe

Above all, a good cucumber salad should taste fresh. Of course, as the radishes everywhere in the garden run to their full potential, they must of course also be included. Paired with a few fresh herbs and a delicious dressing, gives us a wonderful cucumber and radish salad.

Peel the onion and cut into fine cubes. Wash the dill, shake it dry, pluck the dill from the stalks and finely chop. Put both in a salad bowl. Add coriander, vinegar, oil, sour cream and soy sauce and whisk well. Season with salt and pepper. Wash the cucumber (do not peel) and cut into very thin slices – this is best done with the vegetable slicer. Also, proceed with the radishes. Add both to the salad dressing.

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A Refreshing Radish Salad Recipe With Cucumbers
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