How to make chicken salad with eggs and lettuce easy?

Greetings again dear diet mates, today I want to talk about how to make chicken salad with eggs and lettuce. As always we are with you an amazing recipe again. Today here is a recipe at once gourmet and balanced that will allow you to feast at lunch or dinner. You will definitely adore this salad. This chicken salad with tomatoes, eggs, cheese and lettuce definitely so easy and quick to prepare. Very fresh and delicious, also it will also be welcome for a healthy and tasty picnic if you want. This meal make your days better trust me. If you wonder more, let’s go ahead from below:

How to make chicken salad with eggs and lettuce?

1 iceberg lettuce
4 eggs
4 tomatoes
2 chicken breasts
60 g of Emmentaler
-For the vinaigrette:
15 cl of olive oil
2 tbsp. vinegar
salt pepper

How to make chicken salad with eggs and lettuce for diet?

Preparation Guide: Chicken Salad With Eggs
1-) First of all you should heat a non-stick pan over medium heat. Then cook the chicken breasts for several minutes, turning them halfway through cooking. After that, when they are cooked, remove the pan from the heat and allow to cool. And then, cut the chicken breasts into cubes and set aside.
2-) Secondly, you should cook the eggs in boiling water. Spread them and cut them into pieces. Wash the tomatoes and cut them into cubes. Pour everything into a salad bowl. And then, add the chicken breast and diced cheese. Then you can mix them.
3-) And after that, you need to prepare the vinaigrette by mixing olive oil and vinegar. And add salt and pepper to your liking. And pour into the previous preparation and mix well.
4-) Then you will wash the salad and put a sheet on each plate. And you can garnish each sheet with the chicken mixture. You should serve fresh.
5-) Additionally, this amazing chicken salad can be used as a base for many other recipes. Also you can add to the preparation of black or green olives cut into slices, radishes, a diced avocado. And also you can decorate salad with croutons and fresh herbs like chives or parsley..

Alcohol- Wine Accord
– Blackcurrant (White)
– A raw champagne (Champagne)

We tried to present you and amazing chicken salad recipe with eggs and lettuce. If you wonder how to make chicken salad, you can go to homepage for more delicious category. So long!

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